Beyond the case mod, way beyond

So you like modifying computer cases? So do we, but instead of drilling holes and windows out of our computer cases to install cold cathodes, fans and plexiglass, we simply left the case away this time.

NeuHausPlatz Computer Systems is proud to announce:

The NHP 200NC, a lightweight caseless PC the world has never seen before.

The features:

Total cost: 68.- (CHF) around 40$ US.


  • Elite P5HX mainboard (4x PCI, 5x ISA, 4 RAM slots, Socket 7) (Intel 430 HX chipset)
  • Intel Pentium MMX CPU at 200MHz
  • 72MB DRAM (72pin)
  • Miro Crystal S20 2MB Graphics card (S3 chipset)
  • Monster3D Voodoo1 4MB 3D accelerator in PCI slot
  • ES688 AudioDrive ISA sound card 16bit stereo
  • SMC 10Mbit Ethernet card ISA
  • 540MB IBM DALA 3540 IDE harddisk
  • NEC 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive
  • External IDE HD connector
  • GhostLED™ LEDs
  • 360° PU foam casing
  • Only 6.6kg weight
  • floats on water (however,isn't 100% waterproof)
  • low operating noise
  • included CD case to store and carry your favorite CDs
  • Build time: 2 days
  • People involved: 2 (thanks to Wemblie for parts and help)

We've all seen them: modded cases, beautiful, carefully handcrafted to point x and back.
But they're all heavy, rectangular and following a 20 year old de-facto standard.
We wanted to change this and thought about a way how to transform a lab computer (just the parts put together, no case (as seen in testing labs at various websites)) into a portable shape.
Duct-tape is a possibility, but not really stable and resistant. PU foam (polyurethan foam) proved to be the ideal working material. It comes in cans and can be sprayed onto or into everything you want.
It expands by a factor of 0-60 and dries to a semi-hard foam, similar to Styropor™ after about 3 hours.
It's heat resistant up to 100°C and more or less in-flammable (ie. fireproof). It's also waterproof, non conductive and -and that's really important- it's light.

So I bought 3 cans of 750ml PU foam, and assembled the above PC on a small table, tested and configured it, installed Windows 98SE and covered the hot and mechanical parts with paper and cardboard, so the foam would not glue it together or prevent air from reaching the CPU.

After this, all I had to do was spray PU foam all over the computer and let it dry.

Once everything was dry, just cut out the connectors again with a sharp knive, make sure the drives can open and close, and cut out a hole for the air intake. That's pretty straight forward, isn't it? No screws, no sheet metal, no plexi.

last but not least, fire it up again and see if it still works. It does.

Now I have a 6.6kg computer, fully featured and ideal for playing older games like Quake or to take to a LAN party, connect a 40GB IDE drive on the external connector, hook it up in the LAN and leech as many pr0n movies as you can. You gotta love that computer that looks like a hybrid between a sheep and a Meringue.

Of course I could also paint it to a little more decent color, but ugliness is what really makes this comp special.
Nobody is going to believe me this is a comp in May at lanforce 3 .

Disclaimer: DON'T do this at home kids, any modern CPU or GPU will generate too much heat to remain operable in such tight and highly isolated environments such as a PU-foam case. Don't imitate that experiment with parts you care about. I could only do this because it didn't matter whether it worked in the end or not. The computer can't be taken apart anymore, nor can it be upgraded. Make sure everything works, before you finish. All actions are performed at YOUR own risk, and I am not responsible for any damage you do to your comp, your clothes or your health.

Now for the pics:



A few Polaroids of the processing. Top right is how it looked before we began.
This is how it looks when it's finished.

Here again for those with bad eyes.
That's the handy handle. which you can carry the computer.

An included CD case makes for easy moving.

The front...

...the HD bay with connected HD...

...the connector...

...air intake hole...

..the logo...

...PSU and air outlet...

...reset button and speaker...

it works!!!!

...can you see the ghostLEDs gleam through the foam?...

Legal stuff: Neuhausplatz is a townsquare in Liebefeld, Switzerland and most certainly can't be branded.
200NC means 200MHz, No Case or Network Computer.
Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the NHP200NC, reproduction is impossible and orders are thus futile.
Text and pictures: © G-News March. 2002, design and conception: and Wemblie Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.